Workpackage 7: Dissemination and awareness raising


- To disseminate the project itself and project results to all relevant users and other stakeholders, and to raise awareness by:
  • Establishing, updating and developing a website
  • Establishing a dialogue with the stakeholder
  • Disseminating project existence and objectives; disseminating project results and reports widely
  • Contributing to the awareness raising in the gender issues
  • Publishing major reports and studies on gender and scientific and technological education
  • Publishing results with specifically design documents for the general public

Description of work

Task 7.1: Dissemination methodology definition (ECEPIE)

7.1.1 : Adjustment of dissemination methodology
7.1.2 : Preparation of final dissemination plan

7.2: WEB site building and updating (PUPIN)

7.2.1 : Web portal preparation for collaborative private part
7.2.2 : Web portal preparation for public part
7.2.3 : Launching of 1st version (D7.2)
7.2.4 : Day to day updating and management of the website
7.2.5 : Web portal advertising through emails to stakeholders
7.2.6 : Preparation of the 2nd version of the web portal
7.2.7 : Validation and launching of the 2nd web portal

Task 7.3: Academic dissemination (ECEPIE, PUPIN)

7.3.1: Dissemination through scientific papers, articles or books
7.3.2: Dissemination through scientific conferences
7.3.3: Organisation of a HELENA international conference
7.3.4: Publication of HELENA Conference proceedings

Task 7.4: Non-academic dissemination (ECEPIE)

7.4.1: Publication and dissemination of the project presentation
7.4.2: Dissemination through papers, articles or books aimed at non-academic users
7.4.3: Dissemination through conferences or meetings aimed at non-academic users
7. 4.4: Appropriate publication and dissemination of preliminary results for non-academic users
7.4.5: Appropriate publication (Synthetic report) and dissemination of final results for non-academic users.

Task 7.5: Dissemination reports production (PUPIN)

7.5.1: Dissemination report month 18(included in Periodic Progress Report)
7.5.2: Report month 30 (included in Final Report)

Task 7.6: Leaflet, brochures and the final synthetic report on gender issues in the area of scientific and technological education (ECEPIE)

7.6.1: Preparation of brochures, leaflets and final synthetic report aimed at raising awareness in gender, science technology and education
7.6.2: Dissemination through partners of brochures, leaflets and the synthetic report to stakeholders

Task 7.7: Establishment of the dialogue with the stakeholders (ECEPIE, PUPIN)

7.7.1: Establishing a network of potential stakeholders
7.7.2: Including stakeholders in dissemination activities at national level
7.7.3: Organising the feed-back of the stakeholders
7.7.4 : Including stakeholders representatives in the steering committee of the international conference

Task 7.8 International conference (ECEPIE, PUPIN)

7.8.1: Constitution of the Organisation Committee
7.8.2: Constitution of the Scientific Committee
7.8.3: Invitation of Keynote speakers
7.8.4: Web portal "conference" on the HELENA Web portal (announcement and call for papers, submission of abstracts on line and registration on line)
7.8.5: Definition of the topics of sessions
7.8.6: Publication of the Call for papers and posters (on Web portal and networks)
7.8.7: Coordination of the selection of papers and posters by the Scientific Committee
7.8.8: Management of logistics issues: registrations, room, lunches, printed programmes, etc.
7.8.9: Dissemination of the conference (flyer, posters, Web portal, press releases, etc.)
7.8.10: Publication of the Proceedings
"Research project funded by the European Commission in the 7th Framework Programme: "Science in Society"