Workpackage 2: State of the Art Review


  • to inform work package 3 methodology, by establishing working definitions of innovative and traditional engineering courses, for example.
  • to inform work packages 4, 5 and 6, by grounding the data collection stages of the research in existing studies, including trends and developments identified in existing research
  • to provide a documentary analysis of existing engineering programs in higher education (HE) and their curricula

Description of work

Task 2.1: State of the Art Review and Scoping Study

2.1.1: Identify key sources of data, including statistical indicators and literature from existing research.
2.1.2: Further define main hypotheses, research population, definitions (e.g. what are innovative and traditional engineering degree courses), recognise limits of study and areas of validation

Task 2.2: State of the Art Review of Career Choice and Gender in Engineering

2.2.1 Identify existing research addressing impact of gender on career choice
2.2.2 Explore specifically whether women are more likely than men to study engineering

Task 2.3: State of the Art Review of Curriculum Research in Engineering HE

2.3.1 Identify existing research addressing impact of curriculum content in engineering HE
2.3.2 Address if and why engineering curricula are changing and developing to adopt a more interdisciplinary approach

Task 2.4: Documentary Analysis of Higher Education Engineering Programs and Curricula

2.4.1 Identify existing engineering programs across European HE that incorporates interdisciplinary aspects using university websites
2.4.2 Identify trends, developments, similarities and differences in interdisciplinary programs across engineering disciplines and European countries.
"Research project funded by the European Commission in the 7th Framework Programme: "Science in Society"