Workpackage & Deliverables list
Workpackage Leading partner
WP1: Coordination SU (Coordinator)

D1.1 Quality Assurance Plan/Manual

WP2: State of the Art Review LoU

D2.1 State of the Art Overview and Scoping Study
D2.2 State of the Art: Career Choice and Gender
D2.3 State of the Art: Curriculum research
D2.4 Analysis of HE E&T programs and curricula

WP3: Methodology ENSC

D3.1 Translation Guidebook
D3.2 Methodological guidelines
D3.3 Toolbox for cross-cultural methodology

WP4: Data and curricula analysis from
traditional and pilot E&T degree courses

D4.1 Analysis of country specific case studies
D4.2 Evaluation of traditional and pilot E&T degree courses

WP5: Analysis of students' perception of
societal impacts of E&T and their study choices

D5.1 Analysis of gender and context
D5.2 Analysis of interviews with E&T students
D5.3 Evaluation of interdisciplinary E&T degree courses from students’ perspectives

WP6: Evaluation and definition of indicators TECNALIA-LAB

D6.1 Comparison of case studies and student perceptions
D6.2 Indicators to measure overall effectiveness of E&T pilot degree courses
D6.3 Benchmarking and Promising Practice for HE
D6.4 Policy recommendations

WP7 Dissemination ECEPIE   /   PUPIN

D7.1a Dissemination Plan
D7.1b Revised Dissemination Plan
D7.2 Report on Web Portal development
D7.3 Material (brochure/leaflet)
D7.4a Dissemination Report
D7.4b Revised Dissemination Report
D7.5 Final Version of Web Portal
D7.6 Summary Report for Stakeholders
D7.7 International Conference GIEE 2011

"Research project funded by the European Commission in the 7th Framework Programme: "Science in Society"