About Project
The aim of this project HELENA is to collect and analyze literature and data from traditional and pilot confirmed European Higher Education E&T curriculum in order to question or confirm these statements and to provide indications about how to launch such measures and monitor the obtained results. The study will be then grounded on empirical research about traditional E&T curriculum in Europe and will compare them to selected pilot degree courses, which successfully integrated societal impacts in their engineering and technology (E&T) degree course all over Europe

Project objectives are:

  1. To identify and analyse relevant interdisciplinary E&T degree courses in different European countries.
  2. To analyse the student's perception of this interdisciplinary and traditional E&T degree courses.
  3. To evaluate the effectiveness of existing pilot projects, developing and measuring indicators on the relationship between perception and study choice.
  4. To share good practice identified through this experience, producing recommendations on the reorganisation of university curricula at European level (Bologna process).
  5. To disseminate results through a 'how to' guidebook and monitoring indicators.
"Research project funded by the European Commission in the 7th Framework Programme: "Science in Society"