Text Box: HELENA International Conference
Les Cordeliers, Conference Centre of the Paris University 
Paris (France) –June 23-24th, 2011

Gender and Interdisciplinary Education for Engineers -  GIEE 2011


The Conference will be organized using the following broad structure:


Theme 1: Teaching and learning Contents and Cultures. The HELENA project is based on the hypothesis that interdisciplinary training (i.e. a syllabus which includes scientific and technological courses combined with non-scientific subjects like Human and Social Sciences), very often associated with a project and team-based pedagogy, is more appealing to young people and particularly women. What differences does it make in terms of attractiveness? Is the HELENA hypothesis confirmed by the studies conducted on actual trainings existing in Europe?


Theme 2: Students’ experiences: The second session will present and discuss the perceptions by students (including graduate students), women and men, of interdisciplinary programs in ET education and their social impact. In what way do their perceptions determine their study choices?


Theme 3: Other ways to attract more women: This session will give the opportunity to present, analyze and discuss other ways to attract more young people, and particularly women, into ET.


Theme 4: Policies: what are the policy recommendations and assessments of existing programs? What evaluation tools exist to measure the effectiveness of such programs? What recommendations can be made to institutions that want to improve their recruitment and, in particular, to attract more women?